Franz Josef!?!

Posted by Jed on January 30, 2009 under My Beard |

Well, the polls are closed. I never would have expected the Franz Josef to come in first place, but I’m glad it wasn’t “shave it all off”. I was a little suspicious of someone stacking the votes, so I checked the voting logs. After removing duplicates from the same IP address, Franz Josef actually tied with shave it all off, but I never said duplicate votes didn’t count. Anyone comitted enough to actually stack them deserves to win. Anyway, I’ll shave it later today and post pictures. Thanks for voting!

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  • Crystal K said,

    I am SO glad you didn’t go with the ‘chin curtain’. That would have made small children run away in terror, I think. I would have voted for Fu Manchu, though, had I remembered to vote in time.

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